Where can I buy tickets?
You can order tickets for all events in the Max-Schmeling-Halle, the Velodrom and most other events in Berlin from ticket hotline +49 (30) 30 10 6 80 85) or online (Hekticket).
Beware of ticket fraud! We strongly advise to purchase tickets only at trusted ticket shops.
In case of uncertainties we recommend to contact the promoter of the event (you can find the promoter in the particular event).

What happens if the event is postponed. Are my Tickets still valid for the auxiliary date?
If an Event is postponed your tickets will be still valid for the new date. If you con not be part at the auxiliary dat you can also claim a refund at the ticket office where you purchased your ticket.

What happens if the event is cancelled. How i get the refund for my tickets?
If a event is canelled you can claim a refund at the ticket office where you purchased your ticket.


Where is the Velodrom?
The Velodrom is situated in the east of Berlin, right between the trendy district Prenzlauer Berg and Friedrichshain next to S-Bahnhof Landsberger Allee. Detailed directions can be found under Directions.

Where is the main entrance to the Velodrom?
One of the exits at S-Bahnhof Landsberger Allee leads you directly to the main entrance of the Velodrom. The entrance signs at the station are clearly marked as “Velodrome” and cannot be missed.

Where is the closest place to park?
The Velodrome has no private parking space. There are also only limited public parking opportunities available nearby, so we would advise you to use public transport.



Can I bring a bag or backpack?
The following bags will not be permitted:

  • big and medium-sized backpacks (larger than 20cm x 30cm)

  • big handbags (larger than 20cm x 30cm)

There is a container on the right side of the main-entrance where you can store things you cannot take into for 3,00 € fee per item. Please note that the space is very limited.

Can I bring my own refreshments into the venues?
It is prohibited to bring your own refreshments into the venues.

What catering is offered at the Velodrom?
We offer a variety of refreshments, such as beer, water, bratwurst and burgers for our guests on site.

Which type of events take place at the Velodrom?
A variety of sport events, shows and concerts take place in the Velodrom. Those events are public; anyone interested can purchase tickets at the ticket centre. In addition, we offer private events in the halls, for instance conferences, business meetings, seminars and trade fairs as well as corporate events (e.g. motivation training, corporate seminars, firm events or product presentations etc.). For those events, only invited guests are admitted. The Velodrom itself is further often used as set for film and photo shootings.

When is the admittance for the event?
The admittance opens 1,5 hours prior to the start of the actual event. The admittance to concerts starting at 20:00 opens from 18:30 onwards. Admission is only granted on presentation of a valid ticket, which loses its validation upon leaving the venue.

Can I smoke inside the hall?
Smoking is strictly prohibited inside and in all of its side halls.

Is there a Lost and Found office on site?
Our lost property office is called BMZ (Brandmeldezentrale). To reclaim any lost item, please contact our security staff  before leaving the event. You can further inquire about any lost item under the phone number: +49 30 44 30 45.

Are there disabled parking spots available?
You can reserve disabled parking spots depending on the capacity of the event. However, we do not guarantee the availability of such spaces. If you inform us in advance for which event the parking spot is required, we can reserve adequate parking space for you. This service is only available for disabled people and wheel chair-bound visitors holding a valid disabled pass. Please contact us via phone: +49 30 44 30 45 or email: