The Velodrom - An Arena with Individuality

Use the impressive architecture of the Velodrome to amplify your message.

Welcome your guests in a striking manner, where athletes and artists became legends, and harness the magic of this extraordinary venue. Allow your visitors to experience triumph, adrenaline, and euphoria up close while taking advantage of the individual character of this location with its unique cantilevered steel roof structure. Join the ranks of Grammy winners and world champions and leverage the immense flexibility of the Velodrome for your events. Our experienced team provides comprehensive support for your endeavor.

Unsere Räumlichkeiten:


The two laps and the modern velodrome encircle the interior like the ring system surrounds Saturn. On the cast asphalt, everything from halfpipes to European swimming pools and even ice rinks has found its place so far.


The Velodrome has two spacious corridor levels that are excellent for use as exhibition space or a VIP area with a direct view into the arena.

Gallery room

Equipped with a walkable balustrade and 590 m² of presentation space, the gallery space demonstrates an enormous range of possibilities.

Access to the Floor

Impressive entrance with parallel staircases leading to another exceptional level, perfectly suited for receptions, product interaction spaces, or catering areas.


Accreditation, red carpet, conference, or cloakroom: The 500 m² of the foyer allow for nearly any reception and staging option.

Side and press rooms

Various spaces, including crew catering and a kitchen, provide ample room for the support and execution of a wide range of event formats.

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