Access to the venue

Entry to the venue is only allowed with the permission of Velomax Berlin Hallenbetriebs GmbH (Velomax). Velomax will issue house passes for the purpose of legitimation. For the duration of events, the tickets issued by the organiser, including participant, press, free and honorary tickets, shall also be considered as proof of legitimation. Velomax reserves the right to refuse access to holders of legitimate papers in justified individual cases (for example, in the event of a breach of legal provisions, in particular of the Youth Protection Regulations, of these Rules of the House, excess of alcohol consumption or for the prevention of risks). Entering the backstage area, the cloakrooms and the operating facilities as well as other premises and areas that are not intended for the general public is only permitted to persons who are expressly authorised to do so by means of corresponding documents. 


The instructions of the safety and security services are to be followed without exception. If the safety and security service takes items from visitors for safekeeping, the visitor has to collect said items immediately after the end of the event. If the item(s) is (are) not collected, Velomax shall be entitled to dispose of the stored item(s). 

It is not permitted to take the following objects into the venue:

• bags or rucksacks that exceed the DIN A4 format (21cm x 29.7cm)
• weapons of all kinds 
• gas spray bottles, corrosive or colouring liquids or pressurised containers of highly flammable or harmful gases, with the exception of commercially available pocket lighters 
• Metal, plastic, glass bottles and containers 
• notebooks, tablets, tripods, selfie sticks, audio and video recorders, cameras, GoPro cameras, laser pointers, whistles, belts with spikes 
• drugs in the sense of the German Narcotic Drugs Act 
• clothing, emblems, written papers, posters and other items, which for example express racist, xenophobic, right-wing or left-wing radical, national-socialist or political opinions, or which serve as propaganda material, or the public display of which is prohibited 
• pyrotechnic articles of any kind, including sparklers 
• prams or buggies 
• bulky and dangerous objects of any kind, e.g.: - sticks (except for the disabled) - umbrellas (excluding telescopic umbrellas) - flags or sign poles that are not made of wood, or measuring more than 1m in length or 1.5cm in diameter 
• objects made of fragile or splintering materials 
• at sporting events: normally large-area banners exceeding 1.0m² in size; at concerts and other entertainment events: normally larger than DIN A3, two pole banners, larger quantities of paper, wallpaper rolls, large quantities of confetti, etc. 
• mechanically, electrically or otherwise (e.g. pneumatically) operated instruments emitting noise (e.g., megaphones, gas pressure fanfares, vuvuzelas) 
• food and beverages (except food and beverages which are carried for health reasons or for feeding babies and small children) 
• animals (except guide dogs)

Sound and image recording by visitors

Visitors to the venue are generally prohibited from taking any kind of image or sound recording device to and using it in the venue without the explicit permission of Velomax. Film and photo shots of the artists and their performances as well as the building and its facilities are not permitted. 

Conduct while on the premises

Smoking is strictly prohibited inside the venue, including all adjoining premises. Velomax is entitled to pronounce a general alcohol ban. Visitors under the influence of alcohol can be denied entrance to the venue; they can also be removed from the venue. The sale of any goods in the venue is not permitted without the consent of Velomax. Violations of the rules of the house or the instructions by the safety and security services entitle Velomax to pronounce upon a visitor a one-off or general ban from entering the premises and to remove the disturbing person from the venue. Furthermore, we reserve the right in particular to take necessary steps under criminal law. At the end of the event, visitors must leave the venue immediately. By leaving the venue - also during the duration of the event - the entrance tickets lose their validity.


Velomax is unrestrictedly liable for injury to life, body or health. In the case of impossibility of performance and default, as well as in the case of a violation of essential contractual obligations, Velomax shall also be liable for slight negligence, however limited to typical foreseeable damage. Essential contractual obligations (cardinal obligations) are such contractual obligations, without the fulfilment of which due performance of the contract would not be possible, and the compliance of which the visitor regularly relies on and may rely on. Typical foreseeable damage is the type of damage that relates to the protective purpose of the respective breached contractual standard. Apart from that, Velomax shall not be liable for slight negligence. The foregoing limitation of liability also applies to the governing bodies and vicarious agents of Velomax. This liability regulation also applies in particular to items stored during the event.

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