Climate action

SDG 13 – climate action is aimed at educating people and raising their awareness of climate change and its consequences.

How does Velomax contribute to the achievement of this goal?

  • Environmental management system according to DIN ISO 14001 (since 2021)

  • Reduction of water pollution by using fewer chemicals (e.g. switch to eco-friendly cleaning agents, the use of super concentrated cleaning products or chemical free cleaning products)

  • Mobile working offers

  • Integration of the sustainability strategy into the company's governance principles and communication materials

  • Knowledge transfer, e.g. guided tours and lectures for students and anyone else interested in the building

  • Event participation in a speaker role as a best practice example / first mover at conferences, e.g. association and industry conventions such as the Most Wanted Music, the Reeperbahnfestival, EVVC conventions etc.

  • Regional and national dialogue partner (radio, TV, print, online)

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