Gender Equality

SDG 5 – gender equality is aimed at empowering all women and girls and ensuring that they enjoy equal rights, with a particular focus on equal opportunities as well as the right of female self-determination. Women and girls should, for example, be able to fully and effectively participate and enjoy equal opportunities for leadership at all levels of decision-making in political, economic and public life. Gender equality therefore promotes global sustainable development.

How does Velomax contribute to the achievement of this goal?

  • Women and men have equal rights at Velomax; and all staff are guaranteed a safe and inclusive working environment

  • Proportion of women at the management level 50 percent

  • Well-balanced proportion of men and women on the candidates short list for vacancies at Velomax

  • Individual flexible working time offers

  • Parental leave needs of staff in management positions are also met

  • Regular active participation in the Future Day (previously Girls' Day) initiative

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