Clean water and sanitation

SDG 6 - Clean Water and Sanitation aims to provide clean drinking water to all people. Additionally, they should have access to safe sanitation facilities and the ability to wash their hands. Overall, the goal is to improve the management of the precious water resource so that all people can have access to it in the future. This contributes to sustainable management and promotes sustainable development.

How does Velomax contribute to the achievement of this goal?

  • Use of technologies to reduce the amount of water needed in the context of building cleaning (arena, auxiliary halls, and management area)

  • Reduction of water pollution by minimizing the use of chemicals (e.g., by switching to ecological cleaning agents, using high-concentrate products, or implementing chemical-free cleaning)

  • Ensuring hygienic and clean sanitary facilities for all people as part of our services

  • Installation of time limiters on water faucets in visitor areas and showers in all athlete changing rooms and dressing rooms of the arena and auxiliary halls

  • Water conservation by replacing the aerators with water-saving aerators (aerators are water jet regulators attached to faucets).

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