What we do

Velomax Berlin views sustainability management as a continuous improvement process in which environmental protection and sustainability are very important and more than media buzzwords.

Committed employees from all departments of the Velomax, the Green Team, have been meeting on a volunteer-basis since 2010 and dedicate themselves to all sustainable topics related to the operation of both venues. The Green Team is in close contact with the parent company, the Gegenbauer Group, and meets up regularly, at least once a quarter.

Measures to reduce resource consumption

  • The building shell has insulation systems, e.g. exterior walls at ground level and facade panes, that meet current standards

  • Creation of an energy saving concept for the swimming and diving pool at the SSE and Velodrom in 2016. Implementation has been taking place since 2017

  • Conversion of security lighting to LED (redesign of lighting, less consumption due to more efficient switching concept)

  • Successive replacement of all conventional light sources with LEDs

  • Continuous optimization through conversions/renovations in the area of air conditioning technology and commercial refrigeration technology

  • Refrigeration modernized

  • Renewal of building control system

  • Installation of high-speed gate, for rapid building closure

  • Heating technology: external rooms such as offices can be heated separately without running a large ventilation system

  • CO2 compensation for the delivery of letters throughout the Gegenbauer group of companies

  • CO2 compensation for business trips and fleet

  • Time limiters on taps and showers

  • Water savings by changing aerators to economy aerators

  • Optimize water heating by using instantaneous water heaters instead of hot water tanks for areas with low consumption levels

  • Cold water supply in all visitor areas

  • Gate air curtains at regularly used building entrances and access points

  • Comprehensive metering system with the new possibility of better allocating consumption and thus being able to initiate targeted savings measures.

  • Predominantly paperless processes throughout in management, central print management

  • We have dispensed with the printing of classic event flyers. Instead, we are increasingly relying on digital news channels, such as newsletters and social media, to inform visitors.

Waste Management & Recycling

  • Reduction of waste through waste separation, waste compactors, separate styrofoam waste collection

  • Reduction of environmental (waste separation - e.g. separate collection and disposal of propellant containers such as deodorants or hairsprays

  • Waste separation in the management area

  • Recycling of the old dismantled cycle track and use of the wood for furniture and artwork, use in the Velodrom, among other places

Arrival/ Journey

  • A high proportion of the total CO2 emissions of an event is created by the travel of arriving guests and participants. Depending on the catchment area, travel by train or public transport is preferable. Our good location in the city center offers excellent connections. Further information on how to get to the event can be found here

  • Additional possibilities for CO2-free mobility are for example renting bikes from nextbike. Our cooperation partner has a station in front of the Velodrom

Food and Beverages

  • Selection of suppliers with regional, seasonal and / or organically produced foods

  • Fresh Box stands - freshly prepared regional products

  • We abstain from using : straws, plastic cutlery and use large containers instead of small packages

  • We use reusable cups instead of disposable cups, avoid high volumes of waste and use trash compactors to minimize the amount of waste

  • We donate surplus food and beverages to charities at the end of the event season

Purchasing, communication and documentation

Velomax Berlin takes the following points into account when procuring products and purchasing services:

  • 100% green electricity from renewable sources

  • We avoid unnecessary printing and reduce the consumption of paper, toners and electricity

  • We strive for an almost paper-free office operation; documentation and invoicing is done electronically

  • Compliance with sustainability criteria in procurement processes and orders for services, e.g. payment of social security contributions, no pseudo self-employment; compliance with minimum wage and tariff specifications, compliance with occupational health and safety, etc.

  • Exclusive use of suppliers listed in the Newtron supplier platform, preferably regional suppliers

  • Occupational health management for employees, offers such as massages, fruit and sports activities

  • Sustainable topics are proposed and their implementation discussed in regular meetings

  • Information dissemination and training of all employees and stakeholders

Communication and public relations

  • Hundreds of thousands of visitors pass through the Velodrom and its side venues every year. We are therefore a multiplier and try to live up to this responsibility in our communication to visitors. We show our engagement on notice boards in the arena as well as through our online channels. Continuous improvement is our goal

  • Integrating sustainability strategies into corporate principles and communication tools

  • Knowledge transfer, e.g. guided tours and presentations to students and other interested parties

  • Integrating the sustainability strategy into corporate principles and communication tools

  • Knowledge transfer, e.g. guided tours and presentations to students and other interested parties in the building

  • Participation in events as a speaker for best practice examples / first mover at conferences, e.g. association and industry meetings such as Most Wanted Music, the Reeperbahnfestival, EVVC conferences, etc.

  • Dialog partners regionally and nationwide (radio, TV, print, online)


Transparency in our company as well as continuous improvement of all processes is our claim. In order to meet this standard, we are committed to the following management systems and regular audits and certifications:

DIN EN ISO 9001 Quality Management
DIN EN ISO 14001 Environmental management
DIN EN ISO 50001 Energy management
DIN ISO 45001 Occupational health and safety management

Velodrom bee site

More than 1,000,000 bees have been making guest appearances on the roof of the Velodrom every year since 2019. During the linden blossom in summer, 96 colonies of the industrious plant saviors buzz around Prenzlauer Berg. In order to proactively support the ecosystem and flora around the Velodrom in times of "bee death", a cooperation with the Brandenburg beekeeping company Worin was established and the bees were brought to Berlin. The bee colonies are cared for according to the guidelines of the BIOLAND Association, which means that the beekeepers obtain pure honey after the honeycombs have been spun.